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A great ride is definitely a man’s best friend. Your ride should represent your personality and individual taste. A car’s look and design has always been an integral aspect.  So if you plan to re-vamp your ride and experiment with its look Fashion your Ride is the ultimate place to get it all done in style! At Fashion your Ride, we help you create, produce and sell strikingly unique material to add that much needed oomph to your vehicle.

Our high-end velvet self-adhesive wraps can be applied partially or totally to cover the body of any high-end car and high end motorcycle. With an assortment of colours to choose from our Velvet Car wraps, people are sure to grab eyeballs and have people ask you to get a feel of your ride. Escape from the conventional automotive paints and adopt the new and uber velvet car adhesive.

Velvet car surfaces are stunning, easy to clean, personalized according to your taste, unique and give you a pleasant driving experience. By anticipating the trends of tomorrow the concept of Velvet cars was created in collaboration with our UK’s top stylists, designers and car-wrappers.

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Velvet Elite Wrap 9100, the Velvet Cars flagship product won 4 Global Media Awards at the Las Vegas SEMA show 2012-2013.

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