FAQ Page

Velvet Elite Wrap 9100 is a high performance self adhesive PVC film especially dedicated to car wrapping. This film is coated with a velvet finish obtained by spraying textile fibers that are highly resistant to the toughest conditions. Also, the Silicone paper (backing or liner) protects the adhesive-coated face during transport and application.

Velvet Wrap Elite 9100 can be applied on the chassis of cars, motorcycles, scooters, trucks. More generally, it can be applied to any smooth and clean surface, degreased with products commonly used in the car wrapping profession (Example: Isopropanol).

This cover is 100% water proof. In face, rains helps to clean the velvet film literally.

Yes, Velvet Wrap Elite 9100 has been specially designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. It has been tested to stay UV, snow, rain, mud and extreme temperatures. Velvet car has passed the most stringent test such as Arizona & Florida test and also have been tested in laboratories to withstand each weather element.

We advise to clean Velvet Wrap Elite 9100 with a pressure washer (respect a distance of 30 cm between the nozzle and the product).  It saves water too and gives the car a much better wash than traditional means. A demonstration video is available on our page : Gallery

The synthetic fibers lock 90% of UV rays thus creating a pleasant temperature inside the car.

Do not be afraid with bird drops. Velvet cars films love birds drops because the drops do not reach the base of the film due to the fibers. It is easier to clean a bird drop on velvet instead on a metallic part.

The wrap is a good resistant to scratch.

Yes, the film forms a protective layer over the paint and protects it from minor scratches and stone chips.

Yes, it sure makes a great style statement draws immediate attention to your brand. The film can be cut into letters, graphics and strips easily and then applied onto your car. It’s certainly is one of the most efficient way to raise your company brand awareness.

Yes, the product is warranted for 1 year in case of defected material.

Insurers consider the product as an additional accessory on your vehicle. So if you want, tell them of the existence of such a modification on your vehicle.

Velvet Wrap Elite 9100 is available in 16 standard colors.