Velvet Car Products

The Velvet Elite Wrap 9100 is a self adhesive PVC film with the aspect of velvet. It is applied by the best car wrapping specialist on your car’s body. The Velvet film application takes about one day, depending on the car model and the chosen options. The application follows the exact contours of the vehicle and respects the lines drawn by the automotive designers.

Better yet, it enhances the shape as well as accentuates them by the exceptional matte aspect of the fibres used. The cold and neutral aspect of the metal gives way to an extraordinary result.


  • Able to withstand extreme weather conditions – resists rain, snow, mud, intense  sunlight.
  • Fully waterproof  – Easily Washable
  • Good resistance to scratch
  • Can be used to style exterior as well as Interior
  • Synthetic fiber blocks 90% of UV rays
  • Velvet car wraps has passed the most stringent test such as Arizona and Florida  tests and also have been tested in laboratories to withstand each weather element.
  • Film can be removed from the body without altering the original paint. So you can have your car look brand new even after using the wrap for a longer  period of time
  • Protects the metal body and paint
  • Better soundproofing of the cabin & acoustic comfort
  • Enhances the life of your car
  • 16 colors available

Total Covering


Total Covering is surely the most elegant way to dress your car.

All the elements of the car are covered except for the chromed parts and particular elements that our applicators judge essential or complementary to the general effect.

The colour rendering is uniform, matte and advantageously very chic.

Partial Covering


Our team will find with you the best result between the existing color of your car and our Fashion Your Ride’ foil on certain places of your car body. We obtain an amazing result contrasting between the shinning aspect of the metal and the intense matte aspect of the Velvet film. Just the hood and bonnet in Velvet stand out well between the metallic body paint and headlights along with doors partially. Get your customized car, designed by you and professionally implemented by us by getting in touch with our network at the earliest.

Racing Strips


Racing Stripes are inherent to the automotive legend. Fashion Your Ride has several aesthetic racing stripes of different colours ready for application.

Once applied, the stripes provide the car with a new dimension. These super elegant stripes as they go beyond the simple vision of an applied vinyl stripes, add well to the overall design and look aspect of your customized ride.

The embossed feel on the roof, hood and rear body of any sport car makes it look edgy and rustic.

Available Colors

We offer wraps in a palette of 16 colors, all of these colors are chosen by the best stylists. Fashion Your Ride regularly communicates with its clientele if any new colors are on offer, just the same way any haute couture collection is renewed.

Colours on offer are subtle and different from conservative patterns. Subtle burgundy, Green Wimbledon, Deep navy blue, Intense black and everything that contributes to the visual and tangible excellence. On prior request, samples of our material will be sent across by our sales department or international correspondents.

Thus, the concept of Fashion Your Ride is simple, it’s “Your style applied on your car, but it’s our revolution!”